FAQ's For Parents

  1. How do I register for camps?
    All campers must register with a church group.
  2. Can I call and reserve a spot?
    No. All reservations must be made through your church group.
  3. What are the age requirements for camp?
    Children - Ages 7-12
    Youth - Ages 13-18

The Camp Director reserves the right to dismiss any camper whose conduct becomes in any way detrimental to the best interests of the other campers. NO REFUND will be given in this case.

Campers who become homesick and leave their camp session early are not eligible for refunds.

Campers who arrive at camp with a fever, ringworm, pink eye, head lice, or any other communicable disease, will not be admitted and no refund will be given.


  1. How are campers grouped?
    With their church group, and of course by gender.


  1. What is the camper to counselor ratio?
    We require 1 counselor for every 7 campers.
  2. Are campers always supervised?
    It is the responsibility of your church's leaders to supervise the campers attending with their church group.


  1. Can campers have visitors?
    No, to ensure the safety of our campers, we ask that no one be onsite other than the pre-registered campers, and leaders who have passed a background check. If a camper has to leave for any reason we ask that the parent/guardian check them out at the office and return them to the office. If it is before 8:00am or after 5:00pm, camper will need to check out/in with the nurse.
    Private Camp Visitors *ANY Person, who is not on the camp roster, must stop at the office to sign in. In the event that the visitor is not just picking up a camper, they will be required to sign a waiver and purchase a wristband to allow for participation in activities and/or meals.
  2. Can campers receive mail?
    Yes. In order for your camper to receive mail while at camp, send it a few days before your session begins. Be sure to include Campers' name and session date on the envelope. No emails, please. Mail received after a camper's session will not be forwarded.
  3. Can campers call home?
    Yes, but only if homesick and upon request. We discourage phone calls home, as it usually intensifies the homesick feeling. If a camper leaves early due to being homesick, no refund will be given.


  1. What activities do you have?
    We have go-carts, a 600 ft zip-line, bumper cars, swimming pool, a giant water-slide, hiking trails, low ropes course, horseback riding, canoes, bb-guns, archery, fishing, inflatable games, frisbee golf, tetherball, volleyball, and basketball.


  1. Which medications should my campers bring to camp?
    Prescription medications should be in the original bottle with only the amount needed for the camper's length of stay. All medications, prescription and over-the-counter should be sent in a ziploc bag with the camper's name on it. Complete dosage instructions should be written on the Campers Medication Form for each medication along with the camper's name, then put inside the bag. All Medications will be turned in to the nurse upon check-in at camp. Please turn all medications in to your church leader before coming to camp. The leader will be responsible for turning them in to the nurse at camp upon arrival.
  2. Do you give campers pain reliever if needed?
    Yes, unless specified otherwise on the registration form.
  3. Can my camper administer their own medicine?
    No. We have a nurse who will administer all medications. This alleviates the possibility of medications being in the dorms and readily available for tampering with.
  4. Is there a special menu provided?
    No special menu is provided for campers with special dietary needs. We will accommodate storage of food for campers with special dietary needs.


  1. How much money should a camper bring to camp?
    We suggest $25-$30 for snacks, toys, or t-shirts.
  2. Will they need money for any of the activities?
  3. Will campers be responsible for their own money?
    Campers must turn their money in upon check-in and are given a credit for that amount at the Snack Shack. All remaining money in their account at the end of their camp session, will be returned to them before departure.

    Campers should put their Snack Shack money in a standard 3x6 envelope with their name, gender, and church name, and amount listed on the front. Only one camper per envelope, please. The envelope should be turned in to the church leader before coming to camp. The leader will be responsible for turning in the money.

    SMALL BILLS work best for the Snack Shack.


  1. If you have questions that we have not answered here, please feel free to contact us at (918) 865-7402 Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 or by email at campvictory@victory.com.